Gre, 19. Ok, y'all. All my opinions will be on my tags, so get with the program. Other than that I hope I'm not too annoying. You will see Youtubers, occasional Grey's Anatomy, some Legend of Korra and a sprinkle of Orphan Black.
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the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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internet fossil
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Director: Do you have a monologue prepared for us today?
Me: Yes I do.
Director: In your own time.
Me: Ashley Katchadourian... you were supposed to be watching the door. You... were supposed to be watching the door. You were supposed... to be watching the door, Ashley Katchadourian. Do you know what these are Ashley Katchadourian? These are a little girls arms. A little girl with dreams, with legs, with a head. She's a pencil, she's a swizzle stick, you can use her as a pool noodle, and now i'm holding up her arms. Her arms. I'm holding them because you weren't watching the door. A girl lost her arms Ashley Katchadourian, a girl lost her fucking arms. Do you not know what has transpired while you were in pearl harbor, seeing the fucking Japanese museum? We had our own pearl harbor here today. Oh my god, how could you do this to us, you literally bombed us like the Japanese you are. And me, I'm Ben Affleck. I'm Ben Affleck and i'm holding two fucking girls arms. And you're Cuba Gooding junior disappointing everybody. Live with that!
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